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Leaving home for the first time for many college students is a time of mixed emotions.Some are eager to get away on their own but soon realize it can become a lonely existence.Along with more responsibilities and that once-elusive independence, you face new experiences—and it’s all yours to soak in.

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I’ve met tons of jerks on dating sites and over time I have learned how to handle those situations.

If "hookup culture" isn't your thing, it's very easy to feel like the odd one out.

It can be extremely confusing to tell if someone actually likes you or if they're just interested in sex.

This can be even more difficult if you don't expect the college dating scene to be so centralized around hooking up.

Sure, everyone knows that college is a lot more free as far as experimentation, partying, and sex, but does anyone expect 90% of dating to be hooking up?


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    I want thank all of you who sent me their messages of sympathy.

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    He was also photographed lying on his back, stretched across a fossil grey sofa with his blazer flung over the back of it, near where he'd placed his legs.

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