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Having a career, although frowned upon, is at least socially acceptable.But sexual needs that diverge from these ideals and functions are either denied or hushed up. Women are not supposed to freely express their feelings in Iran.

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A boy in the chat room was sending repeated messages saying that he was looking for a sex partner and was up for anything. I finally got up the courage to arrange a rendezvous with him somewhere in tow—he said that after meeting we could then go to his house, as there was no question of his coming to mine.The court, sitting in both Melbourne and Darwin, heard the asylum seeker had argued that he should be classed as a refugee because he had to leave Iran, as he had broken the country's Sharia law by having sex with his girlfriend and was under threat of an honour killing from her family.In Darwin today the barrister for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Tom Anderson, said the Iranian man's story seemed implausible as the man had given a varying account to two different reviewers.Mr Anderson suggested that the Iranian had changed his story to the second reviewer after she expressed surprise that the girlfriend, who had worked for authorities charged with enforcing the moral code of Sharia law, would have agreed to have come to the taxi driver's apartment in private so quickly after they had met, particularly as the country's culture forbid that they should be seen together in public."The reviewer expressed surprise that this relationship had progressed so quickly.The evidence given that it was three to four weeks after when he invited her to his apartment was significantly different," Mr Anderson said."He's changed his story to meet her concerns, about how quickly the relationship had progressed."The whole story has a ring of implausibility about it."The second reviewer also questioned a discrepancy over how the girlfriend reacted when her family found out she had lost her virginity.An asylum seeker who is suspending a hunger strike while his Federal Circuit Court challenge is heard has argued he fled Iran because he risked death for having sex with his girlfriend.


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