Is dating harder for smart people

Although, as a regular single gal, with an average IQ and a few Ivy League exes, I think there are a few items he left off his list.

Yes, that’s right, my unimpressive, yet experienced brain can come up with things he hasn’t thought of — ha!

Generally speaking, smart people have a “hidden beauty” and it takes a special person to appreciate and acknowledge it.

Being smart gives us self-fulfillment that takes the place of a need to be fulfilled in a relationship for some people.

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This can be a difficult thing when it comes to dating.

I know that you’ve been trained to toot your own horn as a way to impress people (like employers), but in a romantic setting, this behavior immediately shows me that you think you’re better than me. I know you think your drunk self is the way you think regular people act, but that’s just makes you seem like an even bigger pretentious d-bag. When are you just going to feel like you can share something? So, really is everyone in the Ivy League club all that?

Well, if you’re struggling with these five dating challenges, then chances are… #1 and #4 on the list are worth watching right now, and are likely the biggest reasons most intelligent women can identify with. – Speaking of intelligent women, you probably understand an awesome deal when you see it…

Another side-effect of relying on experience when it comes to love is that intelligent people tend to be way more guarded.

They have a harder time opening up because that analytical brain never stops reflecting back on past situations where they opened up to someone, and ultimately got hurt in the process.


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