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Scotland benefits from a rich legacy of historic castles and fortified houses extending to about. The twin communities of Kirk and Town Yetholm lie a mile inside.

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For self catering accommodation near West Linton and.

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A SLAB spokesman said: “When considering the grounds for approving a legal aid application of this kind, we look at whether there are fundamental human rights issues that have not been heard before in a Scottish court.“The background of applicants is not a part of the process to test how the case sits with European Court of Human Rights provisions.”Gibson was a heroin addict when he attacked Mr Wallace, who was described as “trusting and vulnerable”, at a city homeless hostel.

He repeatedly punched, kicked and stamped on the 24-year-old victim, who walked with a limp and had a weakened arm due to childhood meningitis, and threw boiling water over him.


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