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Bachelorette Jo Jo Fletcher sent home Alex (after an underwhelming day of horseplay) and James Taylor, right after she admitted to a special connection with the latter.As part of the season 12 Bachelorette panel, Million Dollar Matchmaker's Patti Stanger sat down with Us Weekly Video correspondent Christina Garibaldi and Us Weekly assistant editor Jamie Blynn to discuss some of the biggest surprises from the ABC dating series' current season. It’s a total myth that taking a new relationship slowly will yield better outcomes than rushing in. I assumed that she told him that she loved him and he hadn’t said it back, even after she gave him time. It feels so crappy when a feeling as important as love isn’t reciprocated. I move quickly with matters of the heart and I think you should too. She’s normally bright and really full of life, but she was limp and sad throughout the entire brunch.Some people may say that’s a sign of weakness or that asking other experts for help means that I’m not good at my job. Doctors have to go to other doctors for medical treatments.Therapists talks to other therapists when they need help. I’ve never met a respected expert who thinks they’re flawless. Anyway, I recently talked to my psychic therapist, Tara Sutphen.Since founding the club more than 13 years ago, Stanger has seen it all—and she’ll happily dish about it over Nobu nibbles.

PATTI STANGER: If a man has money, he should take you to dinner on the first date. If your man isn’t evolving and changing with you, you could have outgrown him already. And cold weather doesn’t always lend itself to romance and fun date ideas. and basically anywhere that’s not Southern California, I feel you! I get the chills just watching the weather reports.She added that a man is also unlikely to know whether your costume baubles are real or fake.In terms of colour, black, red and jewel tones like sapphire blue and emerald green are in, while pumpkins and yellows are out - 'no man's going to go there,' Ms Stanger said. Read more I’m open to any and all help in the love department.


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