Updating the q system for nmt

Because of this, the empirical SRF (stress reduction factor in the Q-system) is set to accelerate as the estimated ratio 0.4.

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However, because similar ‘stress/strength’ failure limits are found in mining, nuclear waste research excavations, and deep road tunnels in Norway, one is easily misled into thinking of compressive stress induced failure.

The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command in San Diego has awarded Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems a 3 million contract—which could be worth up to 7 million if all options are exercised—to develop, test and deliver Navy Multiband Terminals, which will provide protected transmission of tactical data, imagery, video, maps and targeting information.

The terminal, which the Navy refers to as NMT, is the fourth generation of the Navy’s extremely high-frequency terminals.

The assessment of Tunnel Quality Index “Q” and Geomechanics classification for the granitic rock mass was done based on the information available of the rock joints and their nature and 3D geological logging.

Hoek-Brown parameters were also determined by the statistical analysis of the results of a set of triaxial tests on core samples. (2017) Rock Mass Characterization and Support Design for Underground Additional Surge Pool Cavern—A Case Study, India.


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