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More than 400 timepieces, the earliest dating back to 1530, are on display, from finely crafted pocket watches to a variety of forward-thinking, limited-edition pieces designed specifically to debut at this event.

Watch aficionados are sure to feel sated by this immersive experience, which explores both history and craft in equal measure.

In the early 1930s, Beatrice Grace Mc Gowan became Sandors leading designer producing wonderful colorful and naturalistic enameled flower designs done in sterling silver metal.

Her designs set Sandor apart from other costume jewelry makers.

Alex, who was previously fixated on climbing the social ladder in New York and even once declared she didn't 'ever want to live in the suburbs', now insists she's content in a small town.'We’re now five minutes from all of Simon’s family,' she explained, adding that his siblings also relocated from around the globe to move back to where they grew up in recent years.'I’m so happy we’re here,' Alex says.

Alex now lives worlds away from the bright lights of New York City in a two-story rural home with a pool and picturesque views of the Australian countryside.

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Street, you know that this elegant, cavernous former bank opposite Grand Central Terminal is adept at producing the spectacular.

Mc Gowan retired in the late 1950s after 20 years with Sandor. Sandor jewelry is highly collectible especially the enameled flower pieces because of their beauty, wonderful sculpturing of the metal and their incredible likeness to the real thing. Sara Coventry jewelry for both women and men was sold at home fashion shows up until the mid 1980s when the company changed ownership and started moving toward distribution in the traditional way. Scaasis success brought a series of license agreements in the 1950s for not only jewelry, but furs, fragrances, ties, bridal wear, sleep ware, accessories and dresses at a price on QVC.

Stuart files for bankruptcy in 1981, therefore, the jewelry was not made after that date. Scaasi designed fashion jewelry from 1958 to 1965, one line (known as The Scaasi Jewel Collection) for the hair, neck, and ears to match his famous butterfly prints that were designed in Paris.

We're hard-pressed to imagine a more unapologetically indulgent activity.

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