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His ex-girlfriend Rachel collaborated on several videos with Chelsea Crockett. The Hello Giggles team is here, hard at work, covering all of the best looks, outfits, fashions, and whatnot on the red carpet of the annual event.Now August is showing that he’s still close with Will Smith’s clan, so much so, that he recently had “date night” with Jada’s mom. On Sunday, Jaden Smith and his girlfriend Sarah Snyder spent Valentine's Day canoodling and kissing all over New York Fashion Week. How cool is it to have your Valentine's Day date at NYFW?!

We’re in the midst of assigning out stories, trying to figure out who to cover and in what order — and also, with what headline, that’s important — and I guess I wasn’t fast enough or something, or the editorial gods are trying me, because before I knew what was happening, I was assigned the fact that Jaden Smith is on the Met Gala red carpet. Not only did the two pack on some major PDA, but Smith also publicly gifted his lady with a few gorgeous roses! Just hours before attending the Opening Ceremony show, the pair showed off their mutual affections at the Hood By Air event. While the couple did occasionally stop to admire the clothing, they spent more time swapping spit and acting lovey dovey for the cameras. Btw, this isn't the first time the two have made out at fashion week… Instagram sensation known online as izzydogham who gained a following due to his relationship with You Tuber Rachel Levin. He reached 20,000 followers on Instagram by his 18th birthday. Wait, that might be the dummy Bruce rigs up every day so that he can get out of his house undetected.


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